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Team Building Replay
One for All and All for One:
Your Guide To High-Performance Teams
What Every Team Leader Needs To Know For Their Dream Team To Emerge
Join me to find out what you can do today to make a difference in your team's performance
On your drive to work Monday morning you think about the fires you will be putting out between staff who worked the weekend. Even though you get daily complaints about work not getting done or team members not pulling their weight, weekends seem to be worse, and you can’t put your finger on why. 

The tension between your team slaps you in the face as soon as you walk through the door. Staff with grim faces are walking around aimlessly or huddled in corners talking about the latest wrong done to them. The communication book clearly says something happened as insight as you review the “unflattering comment” made by an employee. How many times have you talked to your team about the purpose of the communication book? No wonder the clients are quiet and try not to disturb the peace.

However, two staff who are not yet drawn into the drama and are spending time with the individuals, momentarily inspire you. Oh no, your head feels like it might explode when you see two staff from the “corner group” approaching you. The urge to run is real, and again you question whether this team is worth it. 
I’m 100% Confident that if you follow through on achieving the three prerequisites of competence, commitment and culture you will have your dream team!
Now Imagine Your Dream Team Where . . .
  • Your team voluntarily comes in early for their shift because they look forward to working with a team committed to the job.
  • Your team assumes ownership for their work and offer feedback without hurt feelings or defensiveness.
  • Team members sit down and talk through disagreements with one another.
  • You trust your teams to complete the job without feeling it necessary to check in.
  • Your team consistently delivers quality service with pride and enthusiasm.
  • You spend time inspiring staff, recognizing accomplishments and team success, encouraging individual and team growth.

Karin Naslund, of Naslund Consulting and the Great Supervision Training Series, has learned, lived and understands what it takes to succeed as a supervisor and leader in the world of nonprofit.  She is passionate about helping organizations succeed and draws upon 27 years of experience as an executive director, consultant, instructor and qualified mediator.  Her passion is educating staff working in nonprofit organizations.

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